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Early success is a terrible teacher – thoughts from the FISA Conference 2016

Because we sometimes instead of taking notes we tweet: View the whole story “FISA Conference 2016” on Storify How do we teach students to self advocate? @DanielPink #fisa2016 — Joe Tong (@teachertong) February 4, 2016 We don't live in a world of information asymmetry. Educators: we don't hold all knowledge. Purpose is not to transmit. … Continue reading


Hello… it’s me

So this is officially my first blog post since the start of my adventure as a Helping Teacher. To be honest, it hasn’t been easy – I’ve pretty much gone through, internally, a multitude of significant events related to this shift in environment – from simple withdrawal (from feeding off of the excitement and energy of students) to … Continue reading

Family Studies 11/12 / teachertong

Recommendations for Teachers: Grade 12 Edition

In Family Studies, our theme this year is “Can Change Occur Without Action?” We visit various topics within Sociology while bringing it back to these two concepts. At the moment we’re taking a look at adolescence, a concept that we would have never considered a century ago. Researchers have outlined changes that occur in the brain thanks … Continue reading

Culinary Training 11/12 / Family Studies 11/12 / Foods and Nutrition 11/12 / Foods and Nutrition 9/10 / Home Economics 8

This Year’s Essential Questions for #fhhomeec

Home Economics 8 (In partnership with Inquiry 8 and Humanities 8) What makes us who we are? Foods and Nutrition 9/10 What is the story of our food? Foods and Nutrition 11/12 How do our choices affect the world? Family Studies 11/12 Can one create change without action? Continue reading