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BC’s Redesigned Curriculum

Communicating Student Learning & Making Learning Visible
Professional Learning
Education Reform
What about Post-Secondary?


Redesigned Curriculum

BC’s New Curriculum” [K-9 | 10-12]

Transforming Assessment – Ministry of Education

SD36 Curriculum Support & Links



Focus on Inquiry – (Downloadable Interactive PDF)


Communicating Student Learning & Making Learning Visible

Honouring the Learning Process

Using Formative Assessment as Your Classroom FitBit


Guiding Skills for Learning

William Ferriter (@plugusin): Where am I Going?” Learner Reflection Guide [.docx]

Five Critical Skills to Empower Students in the Digital Age

Do you Offer Feedback or Feedforward?

Self-Assessment Rubric for Social-Emotional Development (.pdf)

Tips & Tricks for RubricsEditable Maker Rubric (.docx)

7 Key Characteristics of Better Learning Feedback

How to Give Students Specific Feedback That Actually Helps Them Learn


Rethinking Learner Success

How Measurement Fails Doctors and Teachers

Straight A Students May Not Be the Best Innovators

Google: GPA, Test Scores “Worthless” for Hiring

Is the Drive for Success Making Our Children Sick?


Rethinking Grading Practices

When Grading Harms Student Learning

Aaron Hogan: Grades, Learning & Change

Why Letter Grades Just Don’t Cut It

Jordan Tinney: What Do Letter Grades Have to do with Performance?

Math Without Marks

Math and Inquiry: The Important of Letting Student Stumble

Standards, Grades and Tests are Wildly Outdated

Turning Single Point Rubrics into Grades


Professional Learning & Leadership

Katie Martin: Professional Learning that Shifts Practice (Pt. 1)

Katie Martin: 10 Characteristics of Professional Learning that Shifts Practice

How to Help Teachers Create Their Own Professional Development

Are you a Whole Teacher? A Self Assessment to Understand

Susan Cain: Why Creative People are Rarely Seen as Leaders

How to Empower Teachers to Build a Culture of Innovation with Technology

What Should We Stop, Start, Continue Doing?

Why Some Teachers May Question “New” Education Trends


Education Reform

“Most Likely To Succeed”: Schools Should Teach Kids to Think, Not Memorize

Can Design Thinking Help Schools Find New Solutions to Old Problems?

Ken Robinson: Bring on the learning revolution!

What do Students Lose by Being Perfect? Valuable Failure

Will Richardson: We’re Trying to Do “The Wrong Thing Right” in Schools

Applying Design Thinking to Build and Evolve Schools

John Spencer: This is the Future


What About Post-Secondary?

Harvard University Has a Bold Plan to Transform K-12 Education

Assessment on the Rise – But Not in the Form of Standardized Tests

UBC: MD Undergraduate Curriculum Renewal

UBC: Spirals, Portfolios, and Progress Tests

UBC Flexible Learning

SFU Flexible Learning

4 Ways ePortfolios are Going Beyond College Resume Building