Day 2: Topics & Facilitators

Please feel free to e-mail me potential topics and suggestions for May 24th!

ADST (Applied Design, Skills & Technologies) – Assessing Learning Standards
(Krista Lewis)

Setting & Tracking Learning Goals – Student Accountability & Involvement
(Krista Lewis & Marina Brewer)

Metacognitive Language: Scaffolding Student Voice with BC’s Curriculum
(Shauna Néro)

Learning Maps: Purposeful Planning
(Cori Penner)

Organizing Digital Portfolios with FreshGrade
(Jessica Gonsales)

Interdisciplinary Learning & Assessment
(Zoel Thibault)

Bridging the Gap: Assessing Curriculum Competencies and Content
(Dana Miller)

Communicating Competency-based Learning, Tasks, & Assessments
(Tinh Ngo)

Incorporating Students in the “Grades” discussion: how do we assess failure in terms of learning?
(Brent Sutter)

Student-Generated Grades & Comments
(Kyle McKillop & Kailie Crosby)

Connecting Portfolios with Evaluation and Reporting
(Melissa O’Byrne & Kailie Crosby)

Co-Creating Rubrics with Learners using BC’s Curriculum
(Kyle McKillop)

Bringing it Back to our Colleagues: Building Capacity at our Schools
(Shauna Néro)

Paper Portfolio Assessment
(Kyle McKillop & Marina Brewer)

Facilitating Communicating Student Learning through Inquiry-based Learning
(Marina Brewer & Jessica Gonsales)