#CSLcamp36 Day 2: Learning Forward

Update regarding Day 2:

As we approach our final CSLcamp36 session of the school year, here are some updates for you all:


If you registered for CSLcamp36 you are registered for both sessions (April 12 & May 24). If you are unable to make the May 24 session please let me know ASAP so I may open up some spots!

SD36 teachers: if you used an Education Services release day for the last session here are the details for your TTOC: The event to select in Employee Self-Serve is  EDSV:Curr:CSL Digital:Camp36. Please ensure you select “Detached Duty” and the “May 24, 2016” date so that you can see the list of events/workshops for that day. 

May 24 Session Shape of the Day

The intention of the FIRST session on April 12 was to establish where we are with exploring Communicating Student Learning, connect with others to unpack some of the purposes of CSL, and set our own goals for our practice. 

The SECOND session on May 24 will be to share what we are currently exploring with our classes and colleagues, what we would like to start or continue doing with regards to CSL, and take away tangible ideas and potential frameworks back to our departments to plan towards the fall.

The shape of the day will include (not in order):

Curriculum Framework & Planning Connections with CSL

Ministry and District CSL Review & Updates (framing CSL, looking ahead)

Open Space Sessions (shorter sessions, with facilitators, personal projectors for sharing out)

CSL “MarketPlace” (sharing space for our current shifts towards CSL)

May 24 CSL MARKETPLACE: Sharing is Caring: http://bit.ly/CSL36share

Part of our May 24 Session will be a physical and digital sharing space for guides, frameworks, and templates you are currently exploring and tweaking in your classrooms. Please click on the link above to share and upload any documents or frameworks you have created (or have found) that you would love to share. I will print these all out on May 24 to construct our “marketplace” for ideas, current progress in our learning with regards to CSL, with the intention for you all to gain meaningful feedback from others who are learning alongside you. These documents will also be made available for sharing following the session. I understand there is a great deal of vulnerability in sharing current progress – CSLcamp is meant to be a safe space to workshop our ideas with each other, wherever we are in the process. 

Have a great day!