ONE DAY to #CSLcamp36

Good evening #CSLcamp36 participants!

We are very excited to welcome you to CSLcamp and our new REC building tomorrow! Angela Monk and I set up the room this afternoon and we are more than happy with its possibilities with Open Space!

I am sending a quick amendment to the schedule for tomorrow. We will do our best to stay with this schedule so all of us can keep our existing plans!

Open Agenda:

8:30AM Check-in & Registration

8:40AM Opening Space: An Introduction

9:00AM Session 1

10:10AM Networking Break

10:20AM Session 2

11:30AM Lunch

12:10PM Session 3

1:15PM Networking Break

1:20PM Session 4

2:15PM Looking Ahead

Google Account

We will be using Google Docs tomorrow to document our discussions, ideas, questions, and recommendations. If you don’t have a Google Account already, I would recommend getting one so you can contribute to your group’s living document in real-time; however, this is not mandatory. Each table cluster will have a list of links to your session’s document. More details tomorrow!

Have a great rest tonight, and see you all tomorrow! 


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