2 Days to #CSLcamp36!

Good afternoon #CSLcamp36 participants!

Thank you for taking the time out of your schedules to attend our two-part CSL Camp based on Open Space Technology, an approach to professional learning that brings participants together with a collective purpose in mind. Our purpose for the two days will be to unpack, ideate, and fortify a personalized action plan for shifting from Reporting (learning as events) to Communicating Student Learning (learning as a process) at our secondary schools. We will have a group of at least 60 participants on Tuesday, all from a range of perspectives and roles, districts, and experiences. This is the beauty of Open Space – everyone is welcome and everyone has a common purpose – there is no hierarchy. I will start off the day by clarifying the Open Space concept and structure of the camp. We will be compiling ideas, samples, and notes throughout the day on a collaborative digital space (details on Tuesday) – these will be our proceedings looking forward to May 24 and beyond. 

A little “To Do” for Tuesday : please click on the hyperlink connected to “Communicating Student Learning” (Transforming Assessment) above and review the shifts and principles from the Ministry. That’s it!

Here are some housekeeping items for our first session:

Note: There are certain details I am leaving out on purpose as they will be revealed on Tuesday. However, please do not hesitate to send me a quick e-mail if you have any burning questions! Part of attending an Open Space session is the element of surprise in connections and conversations! 

Location Details

REC (Resource and Education Centre) – red & glass building beside the Surrey Board of Education (DEC)

Room 304 (Third Floor)

Parking: There is more than enough parking behind REC (and at DEC if needed) for all participants!

Meals: Morning Snacks and Coffee will be provided; Lunch will provided (Vegetarian Options available)

What to Bring

Devices (Guest Wi-Fi available: SD36.Learn), Open Minds, & Appetites! (Loaner iPads can be arranged – please let me know ASAP!)

Samples (if not on devices) of some of the shifts you and/or your teachers are currently exploring. Sharing is caring!

Questions! Questions! Questions! 

Open Agenda:

8:30AM Check-in & Registration

8:45AM Opening Space: An Introduction

9:00AM Session 1

10:15AM Networking Break

10:30AM Session 2

11:45AM Lunch

12:30PM Session 3

1:45PM Networking Break

2:00PM Session 4

3:15PM Looking Ahead

Questions: Please e-mail me directly with any questions or comments. Also, if the details of your registration or circumstances change before Tuesday, please let me know ASAP! If you are receiving this e-mail, it means you are on my registration list! If you know someone who is planning on attending but did not receive this e-mail, please e-mail me immediately!

We look forward to welcoming you to our new REC building on Tuesday!

Have a great rest of the weekend, folks!


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