Family Studies 11/12 / teachertong

How does one become worthy of connection and belonging – Final Projects

As mentioned in a previous post, our theme in Family Studies this semester was “connection.” The overarching question “how does one become worthy of connection and belonging” guided our mindset during our exploration of topics from individualism and collectivism to sex and sexuality. I am very proud of these grade 11/12s and their drive to find purpose, deep thinking, and tools for navigating life. I loved the process of working with students on these projects, as frustrating as it was at times for them (asking questions and having an open-ended response and subsequent followup question from me) and I (having to not guide them to the point of hand-holding and giving them ideas that they would eventually come to). The reward for me is always being surprised by projects here and there, as students curate their portfolios and narrow their explorations into one summative capstone project. Here are a couple of the projects that made me go into the “yellow zone.”


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