Home Economics 8

Grade 8 Stacking Challenge

I love to see students work together. Moreover, I love to see students work together to solve problems they may not have faced before. Midway through our time together this semester (grade 8s and I have about 20 days together) I decided to offer the group a challenge – not only to understand a new recipe, but also to exhibit their organization and group cooperation skills. Both of these requirements are foundations of everyday life as well as learning outcomes when it comes to kitchen basics in foods and nutrition 8-12.

Students were given little instruction other than to read the guidelines (attached at the bottom of this post) from beginning to end. A time limit was given (30 minutes) and an array of kitchen staples and ingredients were offered (coconut, chocolate chips, cocoa powder, marshmallows, icing sugar, bananas, apples, frozen strawberries, frozen blueberries, and even rice krispies!). The criteria were briefly discussed: 1) Height 2) Colour 3) Taste.

Everything turned out well, the students had fun, and many life lessons were demonstrated through their keen efforts to problem solve.

I hope you enjoy this activity in your own class! Any comments or tweaks are welcome! Students, I hope you had fun today!

– Mr. Tong

Grade 8 Pancake Challenge by teachertong


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