Home Economics 8

How many ways can you interpret a recipe?

In revamping the grade 8 curriculum this semester I’ve been toying with an integrated inquiry project that runs throughout the course and tinkering in the #fhtestkitchen whenever we have the chance. I’m very excited to share the inquiry projects next week (they all look brilliant) but thought I’d show you all what we did today.

These students came in today with a lot of curiosity: What are we doing today? What experiment do you have us cooking up? On the table were a few boxes of strawberries and some bananas (organic, I might add). Each group was offered a strawberry and half a banana each. Then, the surprise recipe came – a batter. Sure, we could call them pancakes, but really they could manipulate the mixture at their own discretion. As you will see, most of them figured that the best way to cook this mixture was over the stove. Some were more crepe-like, and some were more like cakes. Nevertheless, the challenge was to create a stack, a sculpture, something presentable.

What surprised me was the quality of communication and finished products – if I had my eyes closed I would have thought this was one of my senior classes – the buzz and constant banter that led to the final products was meaningful and focused on achieving the best possible outcome for that group. I am so proud of this group so far and very sad to see them go next week – it’s been an amazing 20 days!

Check out our tweets and works of art from today! Have a great day!

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