Culinary Training 11/12 / Fraser Heights Catering / teachertong

Lunar New Year Celebration 2014 at #fhlearn

Another amazing night for the #fhtestkitchen team! I am ecstatic at the response from this year’s Lunar New Year Celebration. Since the culinary team has been involved with catering this event 3 years ago we have grown as a group of caterers but also become a comfortable part of the school community. In partnership with the ELL department and the International Ambassadors Student Association at #fhlearn this event has grown to over 200 people this year. The night was filled with incredible talent and I was surprised to see some of my former and current students light up on stage and melt all our hearts. From dance performances, to vocalists, and even Chinese yoyo talents, the night flowed without a hitch. Kudos to Ms. Chatha, Ms. Batalha, Ms. Sampson, Ms. Wong, and Mr. Clarke for organizing and overseeing this fabulous student-run event. That being said, the fact that almost every detail was student-organized is phenomenal. Check out the tweets and pics I’ve attached below to see how elaborate everything was! There are never enough words to describe how proud I am for our students.



Hover over the pictures to see the captions!


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