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“How to take care of infants”: DOs and DON’Ts from Teenagers

Some of you might be seeing some very young new friends joining us at #fhlearn. We deployed our RealCare Baby program this week, a simulation that allows senior students a chance to experience part of the stresses that new parents endure, particularly around finding out how to safely care for infants, how to feed/burp/change diapers, and how to balance their schedules with having an infant. RealCare Babies are sophisticated pieces of technology that mimic some of the unpredictability of infants’ needs and taps into the physical, social, and emotional factors surrounding teen pregnancy.

Our students are caring for their babies for at least two nights and are required to care for their infants 24 hours a day. Students wear an ID tag (not removable except with scissors) that must be scanned when babies start to cry so that the simulators recognize that they are tending to them. At the end of the simulation, I am able to download a comprehensive printout of a baby’s behaviour and how quickly and appropriately students’ dealt with the situations.

For more information on the RealCare Baby simulators or to get one, click here!

Here I am with our babies!

Before we deployed our babies I asked students to create videos outlining some of the “DOs and DON’Ts” of taking care of infants. Without any prior discussions or lessons in parenting, students used their existing knowledge and some research to come up with these spectacular (and entertaining) clips! Enjoy!


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