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2013 Athletic Banquet – Student Leadership Shines!

Here at Fraser Heights Catering we get asked to cook for a lot of events. When we were approached to cater the Athletic Banquet many thoughts ran through my head: namely, HOW would I be able to handle end-of-year and graduation-time activities as well as a 150-person event (wow that was a lot of hypens). But then I got to thinking: we have a fabulous student in our new culinary arts program that has both the leadership potential and drive to spearhead a large event. Dalena, who is in three out of four of my classes this semester, is attending Art Institute of Vancouver this Fall to attend the Culinary Arts program. She will be a perfect fit for the project.

The story of Dalena and open reference letter: We had the opportunity to meet Dalena last year in our introductory foods 11 class (a class that was designed for students entering a senior level foods class that had not completed grade 9 or 10 foods). However, once she started to explore her skills in the kitchen we were sure that a passion was being revealed and she came equipped with knowledge that would only come from experience. When Dalena approached me this year to be my peer tutor in one of my classes I was ecstatic, especially when she told me she was planning on attending culinary school. She had also enrolled in our new Food Art 11 class as well as Culinary Training 12. With these three subjects under her belt, Dalena started her semester in the Home Economics department. She went through it all – compiling groceries, sourcing ingredients, mentoring others, and contributing to our classroom environment in a phenomenal and inexplicable way. This banquet was Dalena’s final project for her Culinary Arts 12 requirement and to use colloquial terms, she ROCKED IT.

In total she organized a menu that was like no other: 400 red velvet/chocolate chip cookie sandwiches, 450 pieces of bruschetta, 300 beef and vegetable sliders, 300 chicken skewers, tofu skewers, potato salad, kale Caeser salad, spinach quinoa salad, Caeser salad, vegetable platters, fruit platters, a fantabulous ice cream sundae bar with 12 different candy and fruit toppings, and more!

We will miss Dalena at Fraser Heights. She was a staple and leader in our department this semester. She has grown from the time I met her. Seeing her grow in terms of her leadership and assertiveness in the kitchen has made me very proud of her progress. The presence she has developed in a classroom and kitchen has blossomed exponentially in a matter of months – I cannot wait to witness her commanding her own kitchen one day and most importantly, taste her food. We will say farewell to Dalena in a few weeks, but her peers and students that she has mentored at Fraser Heights will stay inspired by her accomplishments this year. I can’t say this enough, but bravo Dalena! Have an amazing time at Art Institute and keep us in the loop!

Check out some tweets and photos from last night’s Athletic Banquet!

[View the story “Athletic Banquet – Student Leadership at its finest!” on Storify]

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