Foods and Nutrition 9/10 / teachertong

WATCH THESE: Student-made Cooking Shows!

This has to be one of my favourite projects this year! Last semester it was the Holiday carols and this semester it is the Fraser Heights Secondary Cooking shows!

The idea came about from Better Together BC ( who is holding a Cooking Video contest for youth. Although not all of our videos were made to be submitted to the contest, we came up with three general criteria and topics to cover for this video:

1) Nutrition – if we are preparing any food, we must think about what we are putting in our bodies and how nutritionally dense our food is.

2) Cost – we must think about how we select ingredients in terms of our budget.

3) Social – preparing food and eating are social acts. Chances are that it is more fun to play with food with other people than eat alone.

Well, that was it! Grade 9/10s had two weeks with iPads or whatever devices they chose to use to edit their videos. In the end, these masterpieces were born. I am incredibly proud of the range of styles, concepts, and recipes.

Enjoy the show!

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