Food Art 11 / teachertong

Inquiry: How do you create height?

If you know my ways of doing in the classroom you will know that sometimes I like to introduce topics in few words. This task was no different. I introduced my students to food stacking – now, some picky chefs may cringe because I’m not using ring molds or technical jargon and equipment but I wanted my students to explore, on their own, how to create height with food as a medium.

Some of my other challenges have included ingredients (such as that infamous raspberry challenge that people refer the most) but this time I wanted to go a bit more abstract, a bit more vague, with fewer restrictions that offering one ingredient would give. The “Iron Chef” type task where “secret” ingredients are the challenge has been done many times in the past so I wanted to switch it to something not as obvious or easy. So this time we basically answered the question: “How do we create height with food as a medium?” I attempted to make the guidelines as vague as possible so to offer space for a variety of ingredients as well as boundaries for students’ creations (a good move with respect to budget I must say!)

Students’ guidelines were the following:
1) Most of the ingredients must be found in British Columbia
2) For budget sake, let’s make this a vegetarian dish
3) Answer the question “how do you create height” by your food structure.

From here students planned their dishes, tweaking flavours and ingredients, until their created their structures. They had 70 minutes to complete this task and were ranked by 3 professional tasters.

Bravo, Food Art 11!

-Mr. T

Check their creations out!

//[View the story “Building food: What elements of design are at play?” on Storify]

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