Foods and Nutrition 9/10

First Poutine Challenge at #fhlearn!

I love poutine. The thought of squeaky curds, frites, and a meaty gravy just makes me warm on the inside. Beyond the traditional poutine, I also enjoy different versions of this Canadian (Québécois) dish. When Miss Kirkpatrick (@nickirkp) suggested that we do poutine, we immediately thought of our friend Richard (@vanfoodster) who recently completed a Poutine Challenge in Vancouver. We used his blog and challenge as an inspiration for the various poutines that you will see below.

We presented our students (Grade 9/10) with a chart of ingredients. We played with different tubers, toppings, vegetables, and sauces. Students got right to work styling mini-poutines in ramekins, paying close attention to nutrition, colour, texture, and flavour. All “fries” were to be baked in as little grease as possible and students were required to make sure their poutines were balanced when it came to Canada’s Food Guide. To top things off and most importantly, I was proud of my class and Miss Kirkpatrick’s class for completing their full size (and small size for the judging) poutines and mini-sliders in just over an hour! It takes a great deal of time management and group cooperation to pull off such an event and we could not be more pleased with the outcome. Thank you to everyone who judged the competition and cheered our students on! Looking forward to Ms. Krishnan’s (@krishnan_y) poutines tomorrow!

//[View the story “Poutine Challenge April 2013” on Storify]

One thought on “First Poutine Challenge at #fhlearn!

  1. I’m happy to say that I enjoyed being a judge of these fine samples. What a great assignment. I really loved the creativity that each team put into their final products. Yum. great assignment!

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