Exploration: Cake Pops

Check out these cool cake pops. Self-directed. Student-made recipes.

When this class asked to make cake pops the traditionalist in me thought – “oh dear, let’s find a cake pop recipe”; “who can I ask for a cake pop recipe?”; and “I haven’t mastered cake pops!”

Yeah, so? (defense mechanism)

Okay, honestly I have never made my own cake pops (cue shocked audience track) because the thought of mixing frosting into crumbled cake had not dawned on me as an incredibly attractive task. So when my students asked to make these small sticks of joy I saw it as an opportunity to do something new for me. I would have a chance to learn WITH my students. None of this “here is the recipe for cake pops” and “here’s how to make it pretty” stuff. I didn’t test a batch beforehand so I would seem like an expert. As my students created their own cake and frosting recipes, I had a chance to live through their explorations of working with ratios of frosting to cake, combination of flavours and ingredients, and ultimately production of an aesthetically significant product.

We had the opportunity to attend a presentation by Bill Ferriter (@plugusin) today. I will share some of my favourite quotes from him in the next post, but a piece of advice I extracted from the conversations today was – it is not about what is important for ME and what I think is right (and therefore must be transmitted to my students) but it is about HOW my students are engaging with their content. I envision my student’s learning processes to be a reflection of how I process and connect information. How can I expect students to engage and/or find passion in the content and required curriculum if I do not engage with it in a level that is reflective of what today’s classrooms should be?

Something to think about. All from cake pops. Who thought?

[View the story “Cake Pop Day!” on Storify]

4 thoughts on “Exploration: Cake Pops

  1. Cake Pops! When I first heard it I though it was like a pop-tart except with icing in the middle! Googled it online and it looks amazing!
    I’m now wondering how you’re supposed to “eat” cake pops opposed to devouring it in one gulp. XD

  2. That is quite the question. I think that more than one gulp would be necessary to see surprises on the inside (sometimes it is not what we expect – some of those cake pops were red velvet cake).

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