Food Talks Vancouver Volume 5

//storify.com/JoeTong/food-talks-vancouver-volume-5.js?template=slideshow[View the story “Food Talks Vancouver Volume 5” on Storify]

Food Talks Vancouver Volume 5

Check out more at http://www.foodtalks.ca and http://www.vanfoodster.com

Storified by Mr. Joe Tong· Wed, Dec 05 2012 22:35:40

RT @vanfoodster: The room is ready @stanleyparkpav #FoodTalksVan gets underway soon! http://pic.twitter.com/u9PbYNrcJoe Tong
At @StanleyParkPav for #FoodTalksVan – beautiful!Joe Tong
John Bishop speaking at @stanleyparkpav #foodtalksvanJoe Tong
Inspiring man: John Bishop #foodtalksvanJoe Tong
John Bishop: "if you look at our menu you’ll know the place, the time, the season" #FoodTalksVanJoe Tong
Daniel Frankel: restauranteur and…painter(!!!) getting ready to speak #foodtalksvanJoe Tong
Daniel Frankel: "if you make people feel good you’re ten steps ahead of everybody else" #FoodTalksVanJoe Tong
Isabelle Ranger from Namasthe Tea Company #foodtalksvanJoe Tong
RT @CKGolfSolutions: "Success is determined by how you handle problems" – via @dgbars #foodtalksvanJoe Tong
Thank you to our wonderful, inspiring speakers last night @MartinsGFree @namastheteaco @BishopsOnline @dgbars @HamidAttie #FoodTalksVanRichard Wolak

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