Food Art 11

Food Art 11: Gingerbread Sculptures 2012

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Food Art 11: Gingerbread Sculptures 2012

Self-directed gingerbread sculpture projects!

Storified by Mr. Joe Tong· Wed, Dec 05 2012 22:39:23

Gingerbread village: final house! #fhlearn #sd36learnJoe Tong
Gingerbread Village: Ferris Wheel #fhlearn #sd36learnJoe Tong
Gingerbread Village: Merry-Go-Round #fhlearn #sd36learnJoe Tong
Gingerbread Village: cotton candy booth #fhlearn #sd36learnJoe Tong
Gingerbread village: Town Rink #fhlearn #sd36learnJoe Tong
Gingerbread village: Holiday Tree #fhlearn #sd36learnJoe Tong
Gingerbread village: Chalet and Dog House #fhlearn #sd36learnJoe Tong
Gingerbread village: "The Burrow" #fhlearn #sd36learnJoe Tong

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