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Cupcakes with Kinders – Passing it on!

One of the highlights of the year is baking cupcakes with kindergarten students from our feeder schools. In my first year at Fraser Heights I saw it as the “initiation” to teaching Junior Foods and Nutrition. It is also a highlight of the year for our Grade 9 and Grade 10 students who get to be “big buddies” for a couple hours and share their expertise with the next generation. At our school, I noticed that kindergarten students are treated like celebrities – once they enter the school, students from other classes peer out of their rooms and guffaw and aw at the cuteness that comes with being wrapped in a (around this time of year, a snowsuit) small package. In the end, I was very proud of this year’s class – they were organized, responsible, and showed a high level of maturity and graciousness while working with their little buddies.

Here’s a short movie of Erma Stephenson’s Kindergarten Visit!

Music: Stevie Wonder – Higher Ground

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