Debate Team – UBC Champions!

Fraser Height’s Debate Team experienced an exhilarating weekend at the University of British Columbia Debate Tournament. Representing our junior debaters were Kate, Aaron, Cindy, Lucy, Angus, Leona, Fredrick, Daniel, Akash, Nicolas, Kevin, and Vicky. Representing our senior debaters were Ferron, Karee, Peishan and Laban. Peishan Huang and Laban Lin advanced to the final round, dazzling over 200 spectators in an rip-roaring showdown with West Point Grey Academy, Dr. Charles Best Secondary, Vancouver College, and St. John’s-Ravenscourt from Winnipeg. In the end, Fraser Heights soared over the competition in true Firehawk fashion and were awarded the McGavin Cup for breezing into first place. Congratulations to all our debaters for a stupendous weekend. What a mind-blowing start to the season!


Congratulations, Debaters!

Laban L giving his speech

Peishan H (or should we say Prime Minister) giving her speech

Peishan H & Laban L receiving the McGavin Cup

One thought on “Debate Team – UBC Champions!

  1. So proud of our Firehawk debaters and the whole team! It was a nail-biting experience waiting for Mr Tong to tweet & text updates. Great job by everyone and thank you to Mr Tong and all our parent drivers/judges for volunteering and enabling our team to participate in this tournament. It’s shaping up to be another great year for debate!

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