Food Art 11

Fondant Cake Competition 2012

Food Art 11 has been working for a whole week in preparation for the fondant cake competition! We had a total of eleven cakes this semester and had a large variety of styles, themes, and schemes. I am proud of all our students for completing one of these cakes from start to finish in a matter of days. Contrary to popular belief, all our cakes are fresh (meaning they have not been sitting out for weeks). Food Art 11 students had essentially one day to assemble their final cakes, with extra time in the past week to create figurines and other items that needed to dry.

Here are all the cakes in no particular order! The fan favourite will be announced on teachertong’s Twitter page sometime this week!


Teal Rose – Siara K

Circus with Monkey & Seal – Cheyenne A & Melanie N

Little Red Riding Hood on a Basket – Ginny H & Evelyn F

Piano Keys & Microphone – Megan H & Brittany C

Cat in the Hat – Jessamyn H & Tiffany C

Alice in Wonderland on Cheshire Cat – Paula T & Aneka L

Spiderman! – Sarah D & Amanda P

Nemo & Dory – Robert W & Tamara D

Mad Hatter – Cherry S, Amy M, Lindsay V

Lighthouse – Josie W & Brenna L

Cheeseburger – Devon C, Ryan E, Taylor J

2 thoughts on “Fondant Cake Competition 2012

  1. This semester’s were the best yet! Really tough decision. So inspired by your student’s creativity….made me hungry too! Awesome job everyone!

  2. Awesome job – sorry I missed judging – next time for sure. The hamburger is inspiring me to hit Vera’s on the way home from work.

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