Food Art 11

Fraser Heights Food Tour 2012 (Downtown Vancouver)

In all honesty, teachertong is exhausted from yesterday’s tour and events. I wish I could write a soliloquy expressing my gratitude for all aspects of the day, but I am finding it difficult to put words together. I am, however, enjoying going through the photos and videos we took and put it all together in a small video project (what else is new?).

Some important people to thank:

Richard Wolak ( for his help throughout this entire process. Richard played a pivotal role in acquiring guests and for connecting me to parts of Vancouver’s food scene I had not considered. His advice was an asset for the success of our first field trip.

James Coleridge ( for inspiring our students and showing us what passion can accomplish.

Chris Carter (

Andrew Fielding (

Jimmy Stewart (

Kelsey Kwong ( for taking time out of her day to join us on our tour and help with taking amazing footage and documenting the day!

After the amazing food tour, I went out for an energizing run with Ms. Kirkpatrick and Ms. Krishnan and headed down to the edge of Gastown to attend Richard Wolnak’s Food Talks Vol. 4.  I urge home economics teachers and culinary training instructors to check out Richard’s Food Talks blog at for local speakers that have influenced the Vancouver (and international) food scene. Check out last night’s lineup HERE.


Now for some photos and videos from the field trip!

 James Coleridge from Bella Gelataria in his kitchen!

Students enjoying food from Vij’s Railway Express

Students enjoying Salmon Sandwiches and Poutine from The Kaboom Box

Salmon Sandwich and Poutine with Mushroom Gravy

All students in front of Vij’s Railway Express

Beef Curry from Vij’s Railway Express

The group in front of Vij’s ready to order their first food truck meal!


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