Doing What We Do: Reflections of a 2nd Year Teacher

With all that’s going on these days (becoming a President, catering events, putting together exciting field studies, managing a debate team, and don’t forget managing life), I needed some time to relax and get away from it all for a day. Retail therapy seemed like a pretty great solution for a Sunday Funday. So, I got in the car with a couple of my favourite pals and we headed across the border to visit our neighbours and sing our greatest hits (and some guilty pleasures) proudly in the car. So what does this have to do with anything?

On the topic of doing what we do:

Taking on as much as I can has always been a welcomed challenge. Like many teachers, I thrive under pressure and love the feeling of having many tasks on-the-go. The enjoyment of time management and “clicking” of events into place is oddly therapeutic for me. On the other hand, I recognize the signs of “New Teacher Burnout,” which is a gift I do not plan on receiving anytime soon. Many have told me to hold back on starting new projects, new time consuming teaching strategies, new forms of assessment, and the advice is usually to slow down. Frankly and bluntly, I won’t. I have self-reflected long enough to know what my limits are and by taking on little by little I am able to realize the boundaries of my threshold, which will be different than others’. I’ll never be a “yes-man” and I’ll always go with what I believe will enrich my teaching practice. The point is: I choose what I believe will be beneficial to my students … and I am very selective.

And now, the feature presentation and my brain break:

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