Food Art 11

Bonding time in Food Art 11

I have been waiting for our first lab in Food Art 11 for quite a while now (ever since I knew it was going to be offered this year) and thought that in addition to reviewing lab procedures there should be an added component – something that would not only get everyone used to working in the kitchen but also something that would get students to get to know each other at a different level.

We started off the class in usual laboratory fashion, getting aprons on, hair tied back, and talked a bit about the recipe. Now, usually in our classes students work in pairs to create one recipe. However, today I mentioned that we would be creating one recipe per four people. To the confusion of most people in the class, I went on to say “…because half of your group will be blindfolded.”

A recipe was written on the board. Ingredients were placed on a supply table. Half of the class was blindfolded. And…go!

This exercise came with a few guidelines:

1) Communication is key. Those who act as guides are to speak respectfully and patiently with their partners to perform various procedures. No physical guidance is allowed.

2) Partners must stay together at all times, particularly because leaving a blindfolded partner with utensils at hand and 13 other blindfolded people walking around is probably not a good idea.

3) All high-risk tasks (using the oven, stove, knives, etc.) are to be done by those without blindfolds. Due to time constraints, dishwashing can be done without blindfolds.

With these guidelines in place, Food Art students helped to create this masterpiece:

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