Culinary Training 11/12 / Food Art 11 / Foods and Nutrition 11/12 / Foods and Nutrition 9/10 / Home Economics 8

And it begins.

Well, it’s the beginning of the school year! I have been spending the summer working on coursework for my Master of Education program that took me to Victoria to study pedagogy in textiles and Abbotsford to explore BC’s Agriculture industry and its integration in our classrooms. See my video from Abbotsford below (to the Scissor Sisters song “Only the Horses”) to see what inspired me to integrate food systems theories into our senior classes this year.

The past few weeks have been dedicated to collaborating with other teachers at Fraser Heights to sustain a relevant experience for all students in the form of Inquiry Based Learning and Technology in the Classroom. We welcome Ms. Kirkpatrick to the Home Economics Department this year! Ms. Kirkpatrick is a recent home economics graduate, like I am, and comes from a extensive background in foods and nutrition and psychology. She will be teaching Foods and Nutrition 9/10 in first semester. Please come by the Home Economics wing to meet her!

This year also brings another new addition to the Home Economics program at Fraser Heights: Food Art 11! We have two very full classes running this year, one in each semester, and excitement is already growing. I have been researching, with help from home economics and culinary arts teachers all over the province, to create a course that you will find enjoyable and exciting! Bear with us as we offer this course for the first time at Fraser Heights!

I look forward to seeing you all this week!


3 thoughts on “And it begins.

  1. I love your new blog – even the photos make it look so inviting. I also can’t wait to visit your new Food Art course.

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